Create the Magical Life You Deserve with your Daily Dose of Gratitude Supplements 

42 Grateful living Practices for Joy, Abundance and Resilience in less than 5-minutes a day


Vitamin G -The Daily Supplement to Create the Magical Life You Deserve


Living well and happy is everybody’s dream. But day to day challenges and problems we face, often take away the beauty of life and cut down our satisfaction. 

Our happiness gives way to anxiety and we lose our optimism…Our goals become unattainable and we lose our faith in life…

But not any more…

 In ‘Vitamin G’, entrepreneur and gratitude coach Prashant Jain shares a powerful, proven and research-driven system of Grateful Living comprising of 42 daily supplements or acts of Gratitude that you can perform in less than 5-minutes every day to lead a more joyous, resilient and problem proof life.

Vitamin G makes Grateful Living easy with the 6A Approach

What makes Vitamin G so Different?

 A list of 42 small actions, with specific instructions (and resources) on how to make these changes.

 The three types of gratitude practices for your work and career you need to build (and why each is important).

 Practices that can skyrocket your success with the great quality of sleep, rewire your brain to positivity, help you forgive others, increase your productivity and outlook in the morning.

 Challenges people experience when practicing gratitude and how to overcome them!

 Learn a morning ritual that you can do in bed before even getting up using less than a minute that makes your day happier, smooth, and vibrant.

About Prashant Jain

From attempting suicide twice facing adversity and challenges in health, relationships, and finances, he is back to living a fulfilled magical life with joy and abundance.  Now, he is successfully running multiple businesses in e-commerce and cloud computing besides gifting solutions and wellness to hundreds of his workshop attendees.

Prashant attributes his transformation to Gratitude and Grateful Living and is now on a mission to magnify joy through raising gratitude consciousness across the world.

Prashant Jain is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Gratitude Coach.

A DAGSI Scholar from Wright State University, the USA with a Masters in Computer Science, Prashant went from selling his company for a million dollar USD to Softbank and JP Morgan at age 24, to witnessing the tumble of the stock market crash, the dotcom bust and the 9/11 aftermath besides being diagnosed as clinically depressed.

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"42 simple, easy to integrate gratitude practices will help you create happiness in every aspect of your life."

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"Vitamin G has the power to Transform life" - THE TIMES OF INDIA

Praise from the Press

"My life is a testimony to the power of Gratitude, and with this book, anyone can live the same magical life I've lived so far"

- Prashant Jain


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